Finding Writing Again.

I have so many words that I want to say, but I do not know how to pour them out. I feel as though they used to flow effortlessly, a tangent, a whirlwind of letters and vocabulary that represented the storms of my mind. And now they feel stuck. There are ideas, memories, song lyrics, … Continue reading Finding Writing Again.


Guilt and soon-to-be motherhood.

Our baby hasn't arrived yet and won't for a little while, but I am already starting to feel guilty. I feel guilty that if I stay home with our baby once it's born, that I won't be contributing financially as much as I would feel that is "right". But then I would also feel guilty … Continue reading Guilt and soon-to-be motherhood.


Lately life has made me amazed and in awe. Absolute awe. I feel useless at describing how golden people and moments and animals and nature and the waves of life simply are. We are laughing so much and spending time with friends and family and there are so many good things. Kind things. Lucky things. … Continue reading Lately…


Every single second runs and runs and flies and I can't keep up. Every word sounds clunky and bumpy and these sentences don't form how they feel and I just don't know how to say it. My brain soars at one hundred and one miles per hour and this is unfiltered. This is me. I … Continue reading Wired.