Dermatillomania and self harm – twins or neighbours?

A few days ago, I walked into my therapist's office and was diagnosed with dermatillomania. This had been a long time coming, but in my usual way I didn't really think there was much to be concerned about. I don't really know how I feel about it all. In one way, it's kind of relieving … Continue reading Dermatillomania and self harm – twins or neighbours?


Saltwater & Mental Health

I am underwater. The sea pushes above me, laps next to me, scatters as I move. Here, I am me. Being within the crashing ocean is where I feel most safe. I feel free from the overwhelming constraints of life on land. My limbs are weightless, and the ocean cushions me. Underwater, sound is a … Continue reading Saltwater & Mental Health

Perfectionism and it’s shadow.

Perfectionism is something that is sought within, an ever-increasing height that we strive to leap over. It is impossible to reach, but the attempt is forever. Perfectionism is cruel, unhealthy; a dark shadow that clouds. Everything I find most beautiful in nature, isn't perfect. In fact, it's wonderfully flawed. Each element is different and intricate … Continue reading Perfectionism and it’s shadow.

Tigers & Lightning: Stretch Marks & Shame.

At fifteen, I sobbed in the changing room at the sight of purple indents curling their way across my newfound curves. This cry echoes across the world. Just traipse the internet, magazines, conversations and strategic swimwear. The bounty of insecurity and shame is immense. All these years later, I still see these silly little lines … Continue reading Tigers & Lightning: Stretch Marks & Shame.