What are you? A chaos.

“What are you? A chaos.” (Anaïs Nin). Just wanted to check in with everybody, to send out some love and good vibes, and to say that I’m thinking of you all.  Right now I’m listening to Kings of Leon, reading old poetry, and watching the rain dance outside. I hope that today has been kind … Continue reading What are you? A chaos.


A small hello.

Hello lovely blogging friends! It's really nice to be back, even if it's only for a little while. I took around a month off from blogging - a month away from writing lots and lots, and sharing difficult things, and connecting to wonderful souls all across the globe. You see, several things happened which prompted … Continue reading A small hello.

Pain echoes.

Something that can be hard about blogging is making sure that you are only sharing your own experiences and story, when as humans, our journeys all become intricately intertwined with each other. Since beginning this blog, I have tried to be very conscious about not writing about other people and their experiences, as those are … Continue reading Pain echoes.