My name is Kaitlyn, I’m 22, and I’m trying to live the best life I can.

For many years, I have used words to document, and try to make sense of, my experiences with mental illnesses. I write about depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, and dermatillomania. However, today these words are less about resisting the idea of becoming better, and more about healing and creating life beyond mental illness.

With Being Alive was created as a space to share, to heal, and to grow. It documents my recovery journey, the ups and downs, and helps me to work on being brave, and tackling the stigma surrounding mental illnesses.

My best friend is by my side, my husband, and together we have lots of dreams. I am so thankful to be experiencing life with him.

I’m an undergraduate environmental and geospatial scientist by day, and within all the other moments I write (lots) and I run (slowly but happily), and I sometimes play the ukulele (quite badly). I’m always in a state of wonder towards nature.

Our dog is called Ruby, and she gives us life. She adores peanut butter, her big pink rope, and adventures where she doesn’t have to get her paws wet.

The URL stems from the quote ~

does anyone else have those moments where they just fall in love with being alive? like, maybe you’re in art class with soft music and you realize that this peaceful feeling is a part of life that you love and you want to just keep forever, and there are so many other parts of life too that are so wonderful and maybe existing isn’t so bad after all

(by aloeplantt on tumblr).