Let the words flow.

Art is something that I approach (or quite possibly run away from), with a solid, 10 foot pole.

Looking and admiring it is something that I truly enjoy. It brings me mindfulness and peace. Art galleries are one of my favourite places, and I have such fond memories of spending hours exploring them with friends and my husband. Visiting MoMA is a big goal for the future.

However, when it comes to the very doing of art – nope, nada, no. Not going there. The mere thought of having to pick up a pencil or paintbrush, and create something that my perfectionist mind will never be happy with, is enough to make my skin crawl. It’s annoying. I’ve got to work on that. Because art can be fun and creative and exciting. It can bring joy, and the process can be one of mindfulness. It sounds like a very healthy and therapeutic way of releasing what is bombarding within.

Day 6 – do something creative.

So, I compromised. Writing is safe for me; it’s what I’m comfortable in. I feel as though I have far more control to sculpt what I create with words, rather than with other mediums. The backspace key is well overused.

However, it is also important to keep learning, to keep trying new things; to practice using other mediums for creativity and expression. This way we can keep challenging what we already know, and keep growing through that.

I don’t really know what to call this. A mish-mash of words, and as ankle-deep into art that I’m willing to go at the moment. It is every thought and random word that was going through my head in the moment, written down in my bullet journal. I was hesitant and uncomfortable with beginning this, in case I made a mistake (spoiler – I made plenty), and in case the whole bullet journal was “ruined” by this one page. However, by the end I was kind of happy with the end result. Doing this kept my hands busy, which is always a good thing. The mindfulness that was involved was also a good bonus too!

Here is a text version if that’s easier to read:

The beans grew big and strong
They bloomed; nothing to stars.
Is this brain a safe place?
Is it really a flooding torrent,
Or can I plant my feet firmly in the soil and thrive?
How can there be silver linings and horrors all beneath the same sky;
All flowing through the same vein?
Soldier on and soldier on again,
And just keep putting one foot ahead of the other.
Leave your skin alone.
Be small and big
(Don’t overthink “big”, don’t),
All at once –
Anything and everything.
Cicadas cicadas cicadas cicadas cicadas cicadas.
To be unapologetic and unashamed,
To be vulnerable,
To be free.
Go out there and do.
Go out there and be.

There you have it, a weird attempt at creativity which was surprisingly enjoyable, and a good way to release some thoughts that are flying around your brain! It is also good practice for accepting this how they are a.k.a getting over the ridiculous, destructive perfectionism, and seeing something for what it truly is – a snapshot of the now, a work in progress.


18 thoughts on “Let the words flow.

  1. Woah Kaitlyn, this is awesome! I’m with you on the “art” side of things, I can wield words to create things but give me a paintbrush and I’m running for the hills, and I completely relate to the backspace overuse, I’m surprised mine has survived this long!

    Your poem, if you’d like to call it that, is absolutely fantastic – you’re clearly a gifted writer (the Be – Become – Become ending is wonderful) and if you’d be happy to let us share this, we’d love that.

    Our site is always on the look out for submissions to our creative space, so next time you’re writing keep us in mind, it would be great to have you on board.

    Best wishes –

    Off Your Chest blog

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    1. Fred, oh my goodness! Thank-you so very much for your message – it means an awful lot to me. And it’s really nice to know that there are other people out there who run from art, and stick to good old writing!

      I would be honoured to have this little mish-mash of words (I like how you wrote poem – that sounds much more elegant!) shared, and so definitely give my permission! Thank-you so much!

      Your site sounds like a wonderful space, and so I look forward to checking it out really soon. I’ll definitely be in contact with you guys!

      Thank-you once again, you have made my day! 🙂

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      1. Wonderful, thanks so much Kaitlyn! I’m always envious of artists, but I’m sure they think the same of writers, or at least I hope they do…

        Fill in the contact form on our site and I’ll get back to you through email to get your poem (a title I think it deserves) on Off Your Chest.

        Speak soon!


        Off Your Chest blog

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  2. I am loving this! I feel the same pressure with art (mainly because I was an art student so i get really frustrated when I draw now and see how much my skills have weakened) so I really like this as a compromise. Have you ever looked into typography? You’d be really good at it! xxx

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    1. Thank-you so much lovely Mia! This seems to be a very shared struggle across our community. I haven’t ever looked into typography, however it sounds really cool, so I’ll check it out! Thank-you! ❤

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    1. Do we have the same brain, haha? And same here, stickmen never turn out like they are supposed to – more just like a pile of sticks! And thank-you so much for your kind words of support! ❤

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  3. I love this so much, Kaitlyn! I always get a bit intimidated attempting to do arty things, but I’m trying to push myself a little bit with that now and then. It’s nice to see others doing this too! I think the page turned out great ❤

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