Blogger Recognition Award Nomination

Something I truly appreciate about award posts in the blogging world is that it allows bloggers to connect. We find out more about each other, and also discover new blogs that we may want to follow. It’s exciting!

The lovely Ashley from Practicing Imperfection, a blog with a fantastic name that I strongly support, nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award! Ashley blogs honestly and genuinely about PTSD, mental health, and her journey towards recovery. It’s a wonderful resource and provides great insight too. Thank-you, so very much Ashley, for sharing your story with us through your blog, for the sweet nomination, and for being such a wonderful support here on WordPress!

The rules are:

  1. Post the Blogger Recognition Award Rules.
  2. Use Blogger Recognition Award badge on your website.
  3. Share the reasons why you blog.
  4. Share two tips for new bloggers.
  5. Nominate other bloggers for this award and notify each of them about this nomination.

This little blog, With Being Alive, was created as a space to share. For many years, I refused to talk about, or even acknowledge for the most part, the mental illnesses that were such a huge part of my life. Writing on this blog gives me the freedom to talk with vulnerability and honesty about what I kept hidden for so long. There are many blessings of blogging, and one of these is the connections you make, with people who just simply get it. They may be all the way across the globe, but they understand, and the support I have found here is immense. I am so thankful.

Along the way, I have also found that blogging is really therapeutic. Being able to go through my experiences and put them into words has been so helpful, as well as being able to “release” what goes on in my mind. It’s also really good practice for living learning how to be unashamed of who you are.

For new bloggers, I recommend getting out there in the community and being involved. Part of well-being involves being connected to others, and blogging is all about this. We are writing out to the big wide world to find like-minded souls! It can be scary at first, but if somebody is writing stuff you resonate with, go ahead and tell them! Make connections, support other bloggers, help to grow this beautiful community we have.

Another tip is to write about what is genuinely and authentically you. There is no point in writing about what may be popular at the moment, if it’s not something that interests you. Jump right on in, writing about what’s important to you, and you will find your niche and people!

My nominees for the Blogger Recognition Award are:

Rosie Blogs

Fight To Become

Indy’s Soliloquies

Crushing Walls

Revenge of Eve

Questions From A Teenager

Just A Nervous Girl

Living & Loving Through Recovery

Each of these blogs are wonderful, support spaces, where the lovely people behind them write authentically and with great talent. I am so grateful that they share their stories frequently, and loudly too! It also completely okay if you don’t want to accept the nomination, I understand that they can be taxing, and if that’s the case then please just know that I appreciate your blog an awful lot! Sending lots of hugs out to the blogosphere, and I hope everybody is having peaceful days today.


17 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award Nomination

  1. Awww Kaitlyn thank you so much for nominating me, my schedule unfortunately is packed to the brim right now but I really do appreciate it! I love your blog and the way you write yourself through your experiences and stories in such a raw and authentic way. Great answers by the way – I also find blogging (and writing in general) to be so therapeutic. The thing I love about blogging is the opportunity it gives you to make your voice feel heard. To feel like your not alone in something. It’s heart-warming knowing that there are people out there that genuinely care and might even understand exactly what you must be going through. Finding like-minded people and even having this tool to find them in the first place has been such a blessing and eye-opening way to get a sneek peak into different cultures and countries but also into the lives of others. Anyway, thank you again for thinking of me, I feel honoured xx

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    1. Fiona, thank-you so much for your sweet sweet message! I completely understand about your schedule being packed, so I’m just happy you know that your blog deserves a lot of loving! And you are so very right about how heart-warming blogging is. It’s like one big group hug! I hope you are having a good day today xoxo

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  2. I am right there with you about blogging being a way to connect and find support from people all around the world. It’s amazing to be able to have this place as an outlet to express yourself without negative judgment. Keep being you. ☺

    Thank you for nominating me!

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