Recovery & joy.

Hello everyone! I’ve not been able to write as frequently on here for the past few weeks, which makes me a bit sad. I love the WordPress community I’ve found here, and following along on everybody’s journeys and adventures. Currently I’m working on catching up on all the blogs I have missed reading, so I’ll get through them all eventually!

The past couple of weeks have been hectic and so, so busy, which is why blogging has taken a backseat, and become a little bit neglected. Hopefully in a week or two, things will settle down, and I can get back to rambling on here more often. I’ve been working all the time, as well as spending a lot of time with family and friends, and while both of which has been anxiety provoking, they have brought me so much joy. I am so thankful for the past few weeks, and all the wonderful people in these moments.

A massive highlight has been celebrating our first wedding anniversary!

We spent a weekend driving up and exploring the very tip-top of our group of islands here in New Zealand, a place called Te Rerenga Wairua, or Cape Reinga. It’s over 100km away from the nearest small town, a distance which makes the final destination even more special. Neither of us had been up that far before, and so it was magical to see it all for the first time together.

Right at the very top, the view is magnificent, surreal. There is a cute, little lighthouse, and you can see the waves coming in different directions, crashing against each other, marking where the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea meet. It looks like something out of a movie – too spectacular to exist in this life. The deepest, rich blues of the oceans, and the sheer, starkΒ quiet of the place, was incredible.

We camped at a beach about 45 minutes away, at Spirit’s Bay, an isolated, gorgeous coast with a wild swash. About 10m from where we pitched our tent, there was a herd of around 20 horses, all carefree playing and grazing.Β We drank moscato, got a bit giggly, and reveled in our surroundings. It really was the most special place.

The next day, we explored the Te Paki giant sand dunes. It was nothing like I ever expected, or even could have imagined. It was like stepping into a whole, new land; a sand desert so different from all other landscapes here. The sand dunes are dynamic – ever-changing and shifting. We climbed up so many sand dunes, people were boogie-boarding down them and everything, and I can’t even explain how vast and brilliant the world felt from up there. It made us feel so small, in the best of ways.

This beautiful celebration that we were so blessed to have made me think about a lot of things.

About joy, about luck.

About the little things, which can be as meaningful as the big things too.

It made me think about recovery, and how thankful I am for it.

Without recovery, I doubt I would have been able to get married. I wouldn’t have been able to give all the time and energy that marriage deserves, because I would have been to preoccupied being trapped in the eating disorder. I wouldn’t have been able to wake up and eat cookies for breakfast outside our tent. I wouldn’t have been able to go swimming, and I definitely wouldn’t have made it up those crazy huge sand dunes. I wouldn’t have been able to have fun.

I wouldn’t have been able to live the journey, of our first year of marriage, let alone find joy within it.

Without recovery, from many other things as well as the eating disorder too, I doubt that I would still be here today.

Recovery is the hardest thing. But it is so, so worth it. I promise.

Keep fighting, my sweet friends.

P.S. Hope you like the photos! I’ve decided to try be brave, and start using our own photos instead of CC0 images. It might help to put a face to all these ramblings too.


22 thoughts on “Recovery & joy.

  1. Beautiful scenery and you look like you had a lot of fun! Also love your outfits, which look perfect in such nice weather. Being in the middle of winter where I am anxiously awaiting spring, I can only dream for now of basking under the warm sun.

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    1. Birdy, you soul, with all your kindness and compassion and strength, is such a beautiful thing. I have no words for how incredible this message made me feel – please know that I am endlessly thankful for you. Thank-you, more than I can ever express, for shining your light so brightly. You radiate through your words πŸ’›

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      1. this world is lucky to have you here. i am overwhelmingly grateful to know you. you are a light. my gosh. YOU radiate brighter than you could ever know………….πŸ’™πŸ’™

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  3. Happy Anniversary!

    Congratulations on your recovery journey – enjoy the cookies outside your tent, hiking up sand dunes and of course being married!

    I suffer with anxiety and stress and they seem to get the better of me every day. I have to seriously keep them in check but when I do things like you have in your post, it reminds me that I’m free and happy and re-sets my entire mind.

    I am in the UK, in a place called Southampton and I am so desperate to got to New Zealand.

    I’ve just done a month in Australia and loved it. Everyone’s told me I’ll like New Zealand better and from your photo’s I don’t think they are wrong! I came back from the trip a different person. I swear travelling is so good for you. Even if it’s just near to where to live!

    Sorry, I’ve got my ramble on.

    Another great post – thanks for sharing!

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    1. This is a wonderful ramble, thank-you so much for sharing it, and there is no need to apologise! Anxiety and stress can be really tough things to carry around, so well done on you for working on keeping them in check. And I’m so happy you are getting out there, and that you enjoyed Australia! You are already convinced about NZ, so that’s fantastic! I’m sure you will leave a little bit of your heart here too. I hope today is kind to you, and that some small joys pop up which remind you that you are free and happy πŸ™‚

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